The most insane “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out Completely True and Much More from This and Other Worlds!

  • What lost pieces of human history are the illuminati hiding and why-videos

    In the previous post in this series titled, Time the US Starts Seriously Paying Attention To the Illuminati Agenda, we looked at the first two questions below: I. WHO IS THIS GROUP OF GLOBAL ELITES KNOWN AS THE ILLUMINATI? II. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE WHO THE GLOBAL ELITES ARE? Anyone who has studied ancient history knows that there are huge […]

  • Rothschild hold 100000 a plate dinner fundraiser for Hillary videos

    It is entirely possible that like her old boss, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton has told so many lies that she is no longer capable of differentiating truth from fiction without assistance. As evidence, I submit to you Hillary’s ability to tell the American people she’s a real “salt of the earth” kinda gal by […]

  • How do 1100 people vanish in u s national parks without any publicity

    What would you say if I told you that over 1,100 people have “vanished” from this country’s national parks and forests in the past 100 years? Furthermore, what if I told you a large percentage of those people who “vanished” are innocent young children, much younger than the age of 10? That would seem strange […]

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